We do everything to create the big picture.

The helicopter view goes like this: we make beautiful, engaging filmed content. A closer fly-by reveals we go about our work with passion, creativity and pride. Zoom in even closer and you’ll discover our collaborative approach – with each other and with our clients.

We also do the lot – write, produce, direct, edit, pitch, co-create, fly drones, wrangle camels, travel to far-flung places, basically whatever is required. And that makes us nimble, battle-hardened, laser-focused and uncannily resourceful

Our Services

Television Shows

It doesn’t get any more demanding than producing television shows and series. Making them awesome is even trickier. In both cases, we keep chalking up the results.

Corporate Videos

Sadly, in many hands these are just giant cinematic yawn after giant cinematic yawn. In the right hands – yes, like ours – corporate videos can be beautiful, inspirational and awe-inspiring.

TV Commercials

We approach every TV commercial as if it were a 30 – 60 second film. It’s a story to be told in a compelling way. But most of all, the viewer should walk away with something in their head: your product or message.

Aerial Photography

Up, up and away. The sky is no longer the limit, it’s our new frontier. If you haven’t already, check out the section about our drone photography capabilities, do so. The footage says it all.

Short Films

We love short films. It’s where many of us cut our cinematic teeth. And it’s where we continue to hone our skills on our own projects. We’re always up for short film projects. Bring ‘em on, we say.

Web Content

Content is like cold beer on a hot day: people can’t seem to get enough of it. We’re here for all your online needs great and small. And we know how to make it damn tasty too.

Staff Training Videos

Let’s face it, most training videos aren’t much chop. You wouldn’t choose to watch them. Ever. But here at Mezzanine Films, we’re about making training videos instructional, informative and engaging.


We love good docos. Making them, that is. We’re fearless (in a good way), resourceful and inquisitive. And we’ve acquired a fair bit of experience and success along the way too.

Event Videos

No matter what your event is, we’ve got it covered. We’ll happily produce, shoot and edit an engaging video. Corporate, sporting, weddings, parties, anything, really.

Radio Commercials

Revelation: radio is a visual art. It’s painting a picture with sound. We have many, many years’ experience in all aspects of radio production, including in front of the microphone.

Our Staff

Let’s talk tasty

We’re always hungry. And we love coffee, smoothies and cheese. We also love chatting about projects that we can sink our teeth into. See where this is heading?

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