Short Film – is it worth it?

Two years ago we produced a short film entitled Dying For A Laugh, featuring Mary Fields as a washed-up comedian trying to claw his way back on to the comedy circuit. The film was relatively successful, making it in to several festivals across the globe, including the St.Kilda short film festival and the Paris international Film Festival.

Despite its success, the film made no money. The final budget was close to 20K and although all the cast and crew were paid equity rates, the director, producers, editors, designers and key supporters who gave so much of their time and creative spirit to make this production happen, received no remuneration at all.

The script was six months in development, preproduction was 2 months, post-production, 2 months and distribution and marketing exceeded two thousand dollars. All in all it was an expensive, time-consuming exercise that brought only minimal recognition to the Mezzanine Films brand. So was it worth it? Is it worth the blood, sweat tears and effort that goes into making a short film when there is no real way of recouping your outlay?

Not everything is about making money. Short film is an opportunity to flex our creative muscle and produce something that we have created entirely ourselves. Our ultimate aim at Mezzanine Films is make feature film so continuing to learn and grow from the experience of making the short form, is invaluable. Finally, the short films we produce become our calling card, an example of what we can do when we are not limited by corporate restrictions. Sometimes it is these short films that are the very thing that help us win paid work. So is it worth it? 100% – yes!

Stay tuned for news of our next short film project, “SHARD”.

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